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Reiki is an energy based form of healing used to unblock, heal, and balance. This practice can be done directly or remotely. Typically, some touching can be involved, but reiki primarily does not require touching to achieve results. This is a 1-on-1 service only.

Reiki Pricing, per session

  • Full-Session (1 Hour) = $60

  • Mini-Session (30 Minutes) = $45


4 appointed Reiki full-sessions = $220 total

End-of-Life Support

As a death doula, services for end-of-life support involve providing guidance and presence during an anticipated death of self or a loved one.


Pricing varies, so please contact for more information.

Inner-Journey Breathwork

Breathwork involves using consciously connected breathing to assist with the facilitation of emotional sorting and healing. First session lasts two hours, but the following sessions last one hour.

Breathwork pricing, per session = $80

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Hosted Meetings & Gatherings

Reiki 1 Class

This introductory class consists of learning about the history and basics of reiki, receiving the reiki attunement, as well as being the initial process of providing reiki to yourself and loved ones.

  • Remote Attendance Options: None

  • Class Length: 1 Day, for 6-8 hours

  • Class Manual: Included

  • Registration Cost: $150

Weekly Group Meditations

  • Session Length: 1 Hour

  • Registration Cost, per session: $20


6 Non-consecutive Weekly Meditation Group Sessions = $100 total

Monthly Women's Healing Circle

  • Session Length: 1-1.5 Hours

  • Registration Cost, per session: $40

Monthly Grief Support

  • Session Length: 1-1.5 Hours

  • Registration Cost, per session: No Cost Required ($5 appreciated for provided refreshments, but not required)

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