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Meet Clara

Hello! I am Clara Rose and welcome to Jasper Passages Transition and Healing Services. I have been a licensed social worker in Michigan since 1987. While I began the initial part of my social work career in the human service/non-profit sector, the predominant part of the time working with medically related social worker working through a variety of forums including hospital work, the long-term care industry and home care. The past 8-10 years focusing primarily on death and hospice. I'm 59 years old, and have three wonderful adult children, although no grandchildren yet! I love to travel, cook and garden. I enjoy crochet work, reading, coffee, and music.  


I grew up in a conservative fundamentalist household, and with a few twists and turns in the process, graduated from William Tyndale College in Farmington Hills in 1986- with a double major in Psychology and Bible. I gradually became interested in the spirituality of the inner-healing process several years ago, not rejecting my more traditional background but embracing it as a cultural heritage demonstrating tools commonly used among other helpful cultural traditions and tools. My father had been significantly involved in practicing meditation and teaching meditation throughout his life and especially his elder years, and this became something I paid more attention to only after his passing, sadly. But it was this limited exposure that lead me towards the utilization of this tool as an initial step in working on my own process, and then was guided towards reiki as treatment and healing source. In my own growth, I continue to work through the responses of my own personal traumas as well as addiction recovery process in the same way that we all have significant issues to overcome and heal from.



  • HolyFire 3 World Peace Reiki Master - June 2022

  • Inner Journey Breathwork Facilitator training/ Soul Adventures Sedona AZ - September 2022 

  • Death Doula Certificate / Suzanne O’Brian DoulaGivers Course - July 2022


Beliefs and Personal Mission:

I believe that we are all conceived in an unaffected and true state of our soul, which initially, gradually and consistently becomes affected by the belief systems, culture, exposure, guidance/feedback of everyone and everything around us.  Because of this we are all in a process of trauma recovery and working through a process of damage in effort to return to our true selves and unaffected soul.  We are all in a process of remembering who we are as we work to heal.


About Jasper Passage


Jasper Passages was created in August 2022, from a desire to contribute towards the healing and growth of our world both individually and collectively.  It was formed out of the idea of passages being a private individually traveled path, through a possibly rough terrain but in a protected process.  It's founded in the idea that healing and growth is an internal process rather than external and that the process is one of diligence, practice, openness in its intention and direction. Its foundation stemmed from both from the efforts of my own healing process as well as from my efforts and immersion in sharing the experience and emotion of others through my work in hospice. 

How Jasper Passage can help you:

So many of us these days have been disconnected from ourselves in the manner that we have blocked our responses and feelings to our day to day experiences as well as our critical experiences. Whether you or your loved one is preparing to transition, or whether you have somehow become lost in the day to day shuffle of events and aren't even sure anymore what your responses are– you may benefit from these kinds of services. Working towards an integration of knowing what it is you feel is a good step towards healing. Being open to set in motion methods to allow for self reflection and growth helps with anxiety, insomnia, and can present itself in physical manifestations in circulation, digestion, and pain and more.




To guide individuals and groups towards inner healing and reconnection/transition by use of a variety of modalities such as Reiki, Inner Journey Breathwork, doula work, and more.

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